Case Knowledge Management

Conspectus empowers legal professionals to more efficiently oversee and handle more cases while eliminating duplication of work and the element of human error.

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Superior way to manage cases

Conspectus helps legal professionals save valuable time and resources by creating a wiki database for each case. Here is how it works:

  • Read a document only once
  • Identify and highlight relevant information
  • Return to the source of that information with a single click
  • Generate a variety of customized reports

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Extract the evidence

Conspectus streamlines case management by providing fact gathering, tracking and organizing capabilities within a dedicated document viewer.

It can be integrated with various Document Management Systems and is simple and intuitive to use.

Manage the evidence

Conspectus places each relevant date, fact, and issue at your fingertips, linking each to the specific source it was extracted from, obviating the need for repetitive and time consuming scrolling through multiple documents.

With full text search, Conspectus allows for seamless navigation through pertinent information, enabling instantaneous access to key evidence and its sources.

Generate reports

From chronologies and patent claim charts to pre-trial summaries, Conspectus swiftly creates various types of customizable reports.

By linking all evidence to source documents and featuring it in a dedicated wiki database, Conspectus increases productivity, efficiency and accuracy while reducing duplication of work and eliminating factual inconsistencies and errors.

Conspectus in action


Eliminate duplication

  • Facilitates sharing through centralized digital knowledge storage of annotations visible to all individuals working on a particular matter
  • Eliminates the need to revisit original documents after the initial review

Traverse entire cases

Enables instant navigation and searching through case documents, delineated facts and annotations via deep links to original documents

Create reports, summaries and Court documents in seconds

Generates a variety of reporting documents, timelines, chronologies, case summaries and settlement proposals from case facts and annotations

Create claim charts and cross-reference evidence with ease

  • Generates patent claim charts
  • Enables simple evidence comparison (ex. for deposition analysis)

Streamline case management

Tracks and organizes key facts and issues

Minimize human error

Ties all aspects of reports and summaries with their respective originating documents to allow for simple and instant cross-referencing and confirmation of each issue

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