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What it is

Conspectus is an innovative software that helps legal professionals save valuable time and resources. It allows users to read a document only once, identify all the relevant information and return to that information with a single click.

How it works

Conspectus streamlines case management by providing fact gathering, tracking and organizing capabilities. It is very simple and intuitive to use and works with any type of document.

From document markup and fact extraction to high-level automation, Conspectus increases productivity, efficiency and accuracy while reducing duplication of work and eliminating factual inconsistencies and errors.

With Conspectus, legal professionals can swiftly sort through high volumes of documents, focusing on pertinent facts and issues. Once a document is reviewed and relevant information extracted, Conspectus places each relevant fact, date and issue at your fingertips, obviating the need for repetitive searches and time consuming navigation through multiple documents.

Conspectus maximizes efficiency and minimizes human error.

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